Identifying early warning indicators of students who need extra support

Student success occurs when an effective system of identifying early warning indicators is set in place. Proliftic helps make creating this system easier.

The key to monitoring student success is in the district’s ability to identify early warning indicators and act on them. The quicker teachers and administrators can intervene, the more time students have to get back on track.

Monitoring early warning indicators feels like a cumbersome task. With data scattered in every direction, how can educators stay on top of their students’ success? Fortunately, Proliftic aggregates all your data in one place.

Teachers and administrators can set their own early warning indicators and Proliftic will monitor student performance. Proliftic notifies which students fell behind and where, informing when an intervention is needed.

Districts monitor a variety of early warning indicators. Generally, schools tend to focus on attendance, behavior, and performance to identify students in need.

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Educators can easily monitor student attendance as an early warning indicator. In order to be successful in school, a student must attend their classes. Students missing 15 days or more of school are considered chronically absent. They may fall behind from missing crucial material if gone unnoticed or unaddressed. Whether you track 10 students or 500 students, Proliftic makes attendance tracking simple. The system notifies you when a student misses more classes than the benchmarked average, making it simple to prompt an intervention early on.


Many districts identify disciplinary action as an early warning indicator. Students who often find themselves in trouble need an intervention. Catching on to these behavior patterns early allows the student to get the extra help they need.

“At-risk” students are considered those displaying behaviors that may lead to failing or dropping out of school. A system of early warning indicators is an effective way for teachers and administrators to intervene early and boost the student’s success quickly.


It’s easy to miss the warning signs when you're monitoring an entire classroom or district full of students. Districts use performance as an early warning indicator to ensure students are learning to their full potential.

Whether a student is struggling in a certain course or all their courses, educators must be aware of the issue. Teachers can supply additional help to those students in need, getting them back on track toward graduation.

As an educator, you have a lot on your plate, from curriculum meetings to managing a classroom full of students. Sifting through different data sets to identify early warning signs is a thing of the past. 

Proliftic has a commitment to ongoing support. The ability to track progress, receive feedback, and gain insights into your students, classes, grades, schools, and districts all in one place sets users up for success. Schedule a brief demo of the Proliftic platform to learn how it can help improve your school this year.



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