District & School Leaders

Gathering ongoing data across grade levels, buildings, and your organization enables administrators to:

  • Establish screening practices and targets, and evaluate screening practices effectiveness 

  • Establish supported interventions bank with implementation guidance and research links

  • Evaluate effectiveness of core instruction and intervention offerings

  • Improve ROI and scale successful practices

Administrator or staff person standing in school hallway holding a clipboard

"The biggest impact Proliftic has made is with specialists and administrators. In our first year of using it, specialists and administrators have jumped in more readily to test all the different features that Proliftic offers. It renewed a drive to use the data at hand and inspired them to be more independent in utilizing the different options. Several of our specialists created their own custom reports.”

Proliftic’s impact on schools:

  • Easily pull data for grade level/building data meetings, student groupings, etc.

  • Teachers can access data without requesting it from the assessment department.

  • It makes benchmarking more efficient.

  • Allows retrieval and sharing of specific data in a quick and easy format.

  • Use during PLC meetings or grade-level discussion, as well as for classroom data.

  • More general education teachers are utilizing the graphs, reports, and other options.

Ready to add Proliftic to your district?