Simplify with Proliftic's student data dashboard

Proliftic supports districts in implementing schoolwide MTSS/RTI by aggregating files from multiple sources to offer a unified, easily accessible, reliable reflection of your data for all educators.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your student information system (SIS) including students, schedule, attendance, assessments, behavior, and posted grades.

  • Easily pulls in data from your assessment platforms including standardized norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, formative, and summative assessments.

  • Data sources are uploaded nightly to give you peace of mind and a single source of truth.

Example of simplified data on Proliftic's student data dashboards

One-click and customized reporting

Proliftic reports not only simplify data interpretation and communication but clarifies next steps. With a single click you can see a student’s full history — test scores, interventions, graphs, attendance, behavior, grades, and group participation — for a holistic view to promote collaboration and problem-solving. 

  • See a high-level district overview for test scores, perhaps disaggregated by school, grade, or ethnicity

  • Investigate summary statistics related to a particular outcome

  • Track performance across seasons or years

  • Consider student performance within the context of a class or other group

  • Investigate patterns of strengths and weaknesses 

  • Monitor growth over time

  • Attend to intervention usage