Creating a data-driven culture in your school district

Educators seek to make a difference in their students’ education. Creating a data-driven culture within your schools will positively impact your students’ performance. How can you implement this new culture and really make a difference?

Educators first need to identify what data they would like to collect. Everyone within the district needs to know what data to collect and why it matters. Then you must supply your teachers with the correct tools and support to effectively gather data. Teach your educators how to analyze data and make data-based decisions.

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Communicate what you want to measure

After your district decides to focus on creating a data-driven culture, you need to decide what data you want to collect. Most educators want to collect achievement data and demographic data.

Often the most collected data relates to student achievement. Educators want to see how well all their students perform within the classroom. Scores from both summative and formative assessments allow teachers to monitor individual students, but administrators need to see the scores of all students collectively.

Demographic data encompasses student information, attendance, and behavior. Educators need to see insights such as how many students showed up to class and how many disciplinary actions the district took. These insights inform educators of the health of the school and its programs.

After defining which data points your district wants to measure, you need to communicate these to other teachers and administrators. In order to create a data-driven culture throughout your district, you need to make sure everyone knows what data they need to collect.

Select the correct tools

Now that you have determined which data you want all educators to collect, you need to set your teachers up for success. Teachers need the correct tools to report critical information. Many educators find that their data lives in several different platforms and that they do not have the correct tools to see their data at a high level.

When your teachers experience difficulty pulling this crucial data, you need a student data insights platform to help make sense of all the numbers. Proliftic helps educators understand the information you already collect. Our student data insights platform integrates with your SIS and other systems to aggregate information such as test scores, attendance, behavior, and intervention progress.

Teachers can now view all the information they need to make data-driven decisions. You can view individual progress reports or districtwide progress reports. Improving communication and visibility among all teachers allows them to more effectively support their students.

Continue supporting teachers

When creating a data-driven culture within your district, you need to implement continuous support for your teachers. Educators often struggle to make sense of the data they collect. By creating professional development opportunities for teachers to learn more about data, they can more effectively make data-driven decisions.

Proliftic provides continuous feedback and helps make data-based decisions a reality. When your teachers understand the data they collect and use that to inform their instruction, your district quickly adopts a data-driven culture. Interested in learning more about Proliftic and how our student data insights platform can create a data-driven culture in your district? Request a demo today.

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