Elements of an effective MTSS strategy based on student data

Learn what elements you need to include when creating an effective MTSS strategy. Proliftic makes student data collection and decision making easier.

Educators constantly seek ways to improve their MTSS strategies and help their students perform to the best of their abilities. The strategies that attain the best results focus their efforts on real student data.

The most important elements for an effective MTSS strategy include data collection, early detection, and progress monitoring. Data plays a crucial role in all elements of the MTSS strategy. How can you easily identify students in need without comparing data to a solid benchmark?

Student  data insights platforms such as Proliftic make data collection, analysis, and monitoring simple. When all student data aggregates in one place, educators can make decisions knowing they will perform. As an educator, you want the best for your students. Using data-driven decision making will bring out the best in your district.

Intervention data collection

To create an effective MTSS strategy, educators must collect solid data on their students. This data should encompass everything from behavior to academic performance.

Data collection usually starts in the classroom, where a teacher monitors and reports these metrics. The metrics reported will inform decision making and allow educators to properly address issues early on. Educators and administrators can contribute to the data collection, building a solid profile for each individual student.

Many districts utilize a variety of tools to store this information. Oftentimes, any one person in the education system cannot access all the data collected. This poses a problem when making decisions for individuals and groups. Fortunately, Proliftic aggregates data from a variety of sources, allowing you to get an in-depth understanding of individuals, classes, grades, schools, and the district as a whole.

Proliftic takes all your student data and can make recommendations based on real-time students performance. Do you need to create an individualized intervention or a classwide intervention? The data will inform you of everything you need to know.

Intervention early detection

Collecting student data in one place allows educators to detect issues early on. In many cases, teachers focus on interventions and remediations to assist a student get back on track. An MTSS strategy based on student data catches issues earlier, preventing an intense intervention.

When a student or group of students falls behind in a particular metric, educators often implement an intervention to correct this setback. Whether you notice behavioral problems or academic issues, you can compare this data to that of other students. This allows the educator to determine the correct tier and the corresponding remediation. 

Educators who utilize student data to diagnose issues early on typically feel more confident in the intervention needed. Proliftic brings all the data you need to make this decision into one platform while including a bank of interventions used by the district. Accurate, early detection allows a student to get back on track faster through the appropriate intervention.

Intervention progress monitoring

Once an educator initiates an intervention, they must continue to collect data and monitor the students’ progress. This new data will reinforce whether the intervention works for that particular student or group of students.

Remember, everything relates back to collecting accurate student data and analyzing it to inform your instruction. Through monitoring the student’s progress, you will receive feedback that affects your next course of action. Maybe the intervention insufficiently addresses the issue at hand. By monitoring this progress, you can make informed changes to the student’s intervention plan. You’ll also gather the student’s rate of improvement and can better judge if they will achieve their academic goals.

Proliftic monitors these metrics so you don’t need to. The system notifies you when a student falls behind or an intervention program lacks the appropriate tools. It offers additional resources to best help the student or group of students.

Proliftic has a commitment to ongoing support. The ability to track progress, receive feedback, and gain insights into your students, classes, grades, schools, and districts all in one place sets users up for success. Schedule a brief demo of the Proliftic platform to learn how it can assist in improving your school this year.

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