Introducing Proliftic, a student data integration platform for districts

In September 2021, we announced a new name, refreshed look, and product-specific website for Proliftic (FKA edSpring). 

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Why the changes?

Transitioning away from the “edSpring” name, Proliftic better defines our approach–driving districtwide growth and advancement by lifting all students. Proliftic is a flagship product under Sourcewell Technology, so the visual changes to Proliftic’s brand identity better represent its connection to the Sourcewell brand.

Achieve consistent, equitable learning acceleration 

Proliftic is a comprehensive student data integration platform that helps education leaders achieve consistent and equitable learning acceleration across their district. 

By integrating key whole-child data, Proliftic reports provide key insights to identify at-risk students, pair them with appropriate supports and monitor intervention effectiveness.

  • Leverage assessment and student information system (SIS) data to unify response

  • Built by education information experts with implementation science

  • High touch implementation support to ensure long-term success

  • Onboarding Advantage and User Group