Why a strategic RTI program is necessary for all districts

Explore why your district needs a strategic RTI program. Proliftic makes data-driven decision making simple and boosts your students’ academic success.

Every district needs to implement a strategic response to intervention (RTI) program in order to maximize student success. Some RTI programs perform better than others depending on how well they achieve four things: screening, monitoring, prevention, and decision making.

Educators and administrators must build a solid RTI program off these four pillars. Each pillar’s strength affects the ability of the next pillar to perform. A successful, strategic RTI program will take into account all four factors and utilize them to the best of its ability.

Proliftic aggregates all of your student or academic data in one easy-to-use platform where you can make data-based decisions based on real-time assessments, monitoring, and intervention. Let’s paint a picture of a perfect strategic RTI program.

Teacher working with students

Screening for early detection

Many educators utilize standard testing to gauge the performance of their students. When used correctly, this academic data can heavily influence whether a student or class needs an academic intervention. A strategic RTI program acknowledges the need for an initial, standardized assessment.

Scores should be compiled and analyzed to determine your next course of action. Whether a teacher assesses a classroom or an administrator looks at scores from the classroom, grade, school, or district level, tools exist to make this process simple. 

Tools like Proliftic aggregate all standardized assessments and other scores in one location. This makes benchmarking a breeze. It quickly notifies the educator of a student or students who do not match up to the benchmark. This early detection allows teachers to act quickly with the correct academic interventions.

Monitoring student progress

Educators must input all data collected from each student into the appropriate system and continuously monitor their progress. This tedious process allows educators to know whether  their interventions work.

Strategic RTI programs recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and should aim to make progress monitoring simple for educators. Catching the intervention programs that insufficiently address student needs gives teachers time to make a corrective action.

Proliftic makes progress monitoring effortless. Educators can filter, benchmark, and track academic data in one place, turning a tedious process into a trouble-free process. RTI programs succeed when they accurately address and monitor student needs.

Multi-level prevention system

Sometimes an educator must implement an intervention program for more than one student. This can look like a classroom or even a gradewide intervention. Strategic RTI programs should monitor and inform educators of which course of action to take.

Taking the data you track and integrating it into a solid multilevel prevention system, you can effectively categorize your students. These categories will identify the intensity of academic intervention needed. Individuals in tier 1 will focus on core instruction, while individuals in tier 3 will need a more intense intervention.

Your RTI program should help you make the decision of which category each student belongs in. Platforms like Proliftic strive to meet at least 80% of student instructional needs. Our platform shows how students in each tier perform in real time, allowing you to adjust instruction accordingly. 

Data-driven decision making

In successful strategic RTI programs, educators work with solid data to implement interventions. Districts that hold their information in separate silos have a difficult time piecing together a holistic view of student achievement. Teachers and administrators often experience challenges gaining access to the academic data they need to make strategic decisions.

Research continues to show that educators need to use data to create accountability in the development, guidance, and creation of districtwide change in schools. When you allow data to drive your decisions, you will see improvements in student success.

Educators can access the information they need to make strong decisions through data-aggregation platforms. Our software pulls easy reports in a way that every teacher can understand. Working with data can feel difficult when your information lives in different locations. Storing all your data in one user-friendly hub frees up your time for more important things.

Proliftic can make your RTI program a success. We take care of the data and analysis so you can make data-driven decisions for your students’ success. Interested in learning more about what the platform can do for your district? Request a demo today.

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